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Consolidation of Multiple Databases into a Single System

Maricopa County, AZ
Program Year: 2021

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department’s (MCAQD) goal is to improve the air of Maricopa County so customers, residents, and visitors can live, work, and play in a healthy environment. One of the strategic goals for the County is to provide greater online access to applicants seeking to obtain permits of all types. This project focuses on developing a single point-of-entry for applicants to apply and pay for permits online and receive air quality services.For many years, MCAQD operated on four different platforms to manage the various workflows, tracking, and processes of the air quality program. In September 2019, the current database know as IMPACT was launched and ushered in the sequential dismantling of the four legacy programs that culminated in January 2021.

Ms. Elizabeth Kristie Valencia
Executive Assistant