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Tenant Occupancy Permit Process Improvement

Cherokee County, GA
Program Year: 2020

“Service you can build on” states the tagline for the Cherokee County Development Service Center (DSC). The mission of the DSC is to serve any customer who needs a license or permit to conduct business in the County. The opening of a commercial business often involves a host of County departments who are responsible for ensuring compliance with their regulations. In 2018, the staff of the Cherokee County Development Service Center led an effort to address the process for the issuance of commercial business license. The goal was to streamline the process and eliminate confusion for the customer. In times past, the process had resulted in inspections being performed, compliance issues noted and sometimes permits issued only to discover land use or zoning issues preclude the use in its current location. The outcome of the revamped process provides the customer with a clear understanding of the project status as well as informing them precisely when the project has been approved. The outcome has been a reduction from 34.5 days to approve a Tenant Occupancy Change permit to 6.5 days saving the customer and the County time and money.

Mr. Jeff Watkins
Director of Planning and Zoning