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Robotic Process Automation

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2021

The San Bernardino County Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector’s (ATC) Property Tax Division (ATC-PT) is responsible for processing an average of 40,000 refunds annually due to roll corrections or changes in ownership identified on the supplemental roll using a property tax mainframe system built in the 1980s. System limitations require corrections to be manually processed by staff. Occasionally, ATC-PT must process an unexpectedly large volume of refunds due to major corrections. The correction and refund processes are tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming.Facing severe limitations of the 40-year-old mainframe system, ATC-PT collaborated with ATC’s Information Technology Division (ATC-ITD) to develop a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, which went live March 18, 2020, to programmatically interact with the mainframe terminals and external database system to automatically process corrections, amend tax bills, and issue refunds in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. By targeting system limitations, addressing known inefficiencies in the workflow, and using intelligent technologies, the RPA program has automated and expedited the correction and refund processes. The successful implementation and benefits of this innovative project are well deserving of the 2021 Achievement Award.

Ms. Ashley E Guzman
Executive Secretary