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New Approach for Performance Management at Fulton

Fulton County, GA
Program Year: 2020

Fulton County’s previous performance management program was outdated and inconsistent in its application. Its effectiveness was extremely limited relative to improving employee performance, developing employees, reinforcing positive supervisor/employee relationships and increasing employee engagement, all of which negatively affect organizational and individual success. The Performance Management Division of the Department of Human Resources Management was charged with developing a new performance management program to address these concerns.SUCCESS FACTORS, the new program, provides a consistent approach to performance management throughout the county. Department Heads develop and communicate goals that are aligned with the County’s Strategic Priorities and support the achievement of departmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Managers and employees may add Individual Performance Goals and Employee Development Goals. As a result, employees understand the organization’s priorities as well as their role and performance expectations. This shared understanding ensures a focus on services that are important to the County, address the needs of our citizens and encourage employee engagement. With emphasis on continuous feedback, coaching and quarterly meetings conducted by Supervisors, Fulton County is striving to enhance supervisor/employee relationships. These relationships are crucial to improving the employee experience and subsequently our customers’ experience.

Ms. Michelle Braxton
HR Performance Manager