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Surplus Distribution Hub

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2021

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic created an unforeseen countywide demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and emergency supplies in order to continue the operations of many essential services. Unfortunately, San Bernardino County (County) did not have enough PPE on hand in order to continue in-person, essential operations. This unpreparedness led to many County departments scrambling to procure their own small, mediocre lots of emergency supplies at exorbitant prices due to lack of buying power. San Bernardino County Purchasing Department (Purchasing) decided to leverage its prevailing buying power, take the lead and execute the attainment of PPE for all County departments. Furthermore, San Bernardino County Purchasing Department’s Surplus Division (Surplus) stepped up and turned its entire operations into a Surplus Distribution Hub for COVID-19 PPE and emergency supplies. Surplus staff were almost immediately tasked with distributing PPE and emergency supplies to those in need. The Surplus Distribution Hub consists of:• Receiving, inventorying and introducing PPE and emergency supplies as available stock;• Distribution of PPE and emergency supplies based on need; and • Reconciliation PPE and emergency supplies on hand versus distributed. Initially, the Surplus Distribution Hub was formed to accommodate the needs of all County departments; however, distribution efforts quickly expanded to servicing cities, businesses, charities, non-profits, schools, hospitals, local municipalities and churches. The successful fulfillment of thousands of orders increased the ability for organizations serviced to reopen and assisted in the preservation of essential workers’ safety as they performed their daily tasks. This project consolidates and centralizes the challenging process of disseminating PPE and emergency supplies to County departments, cities, businesses, charities, non-profits, schools, hospitals, local municipalities and churches. This project is a newly created project created out of the need for PPE and emergency supplies in order for essential agencies to reopen and continue operating; and, it has proven to be a necessity and a champion for our region during these unprecedented times. Surplus’ ability to pivot its focus while maintaining its normal job duties has been extremely commendable and inspiring to all.

Ms. paulette CA Gomez
Executive Administrative Assistant II