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Juvenile Facilities and Field Case Management System

Alameda County, CA
Program Year: 2021

In October of 2020, the Alameda County Probation Department launched its juvenile component of their case management system, Tyler Supervision (TS). The application is a government cloud-based system that provides immediate information to its deputy probation o?cers and provides them with the ability to track their case status, court information and communicate with their clients electronically. The system is integrated with the county sheri?'s department and court systems and immediately updates the status of a case, arrest or court information, address and other critical law enforcement information countywide.The application also has a facility component that tracks youth placement, critical court hearings, medication management and grievance and incident information. Staff can track movement, digitally count the youth with electronic wands that scan the doors and provide immediate information on security and other critical components of the juvenile hall population.Probation o?cers can scan and upload paper-based documents into the cloud from their speci?c cases, store them in a digital format and search for them in the future with minimal e?ort. By entering their client’s contact information, they can text, email or generate documents and mail with pre-populated templates within minutes saving time and resources.All incoming and outgoing communication is logged and stored as a retrievable activity for review and can be tracked for documentation of sta? time and productivity for workload audits. A user-friendly dashboard provides immediate information to manage caseloads and critical information and can be customized by each user on viewer preference and role-based need. Almost every form that is utilized by the probation department can be generated with pre- populated information saving time, printing resources and creating a multitude of e?ciencies.

Wendy Still
Chief Probation Officer