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5 Star Customer Care Program

Fulton County, GA
Program Year: 2020

The 5 Star Customer Care Program enhances employee experience. The Fulton County Learning and Development team drives organizational performance through the sharing of knowledge, skills, and competencies through a mix of education, experience, and exposure. We work with business partners, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to identify current and future business needs and then identify or design and develop the training programs and developmental opportunities required to enable the right behavior and develop the right capabilities. The right behaviors and capabilities drive our performance as an organization which leads to our overall success. Our learning strategy aligns with the high-impact service model of the Fulton County Government. The program has measurable results of cost savings of $1,050,000 for continued delivery, enhanced employee productivity, improved customer service with an issue resolution rate of 97%, and created better interdepartmental cooperation among 40 entities. This team consistently demonstrates strategic ways to encourage professional development and maintain a first-class workforce to deliver high-impact service to over one million citizens and visitors.

Ms. Shermaine Perry
Employee Development Specialist