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Firefighter/Paramedic Trainee Program

Gwinnett County, GA
Program Year: 2020

Training for firefighters is taking a new tack in Gwinnett County, GA. A 16-month training program now includes accredited paramedic training for all Gwinnett firefighters taught in an expanded Fire Academy facility to help meet a need for paramedics that was growing rapidly even before the Covid-19 pandemic. Our goal is to have every firefighter also be a certified paramedic. Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services is the largest fire service district in Georgia, serving a countywide population of almost a million with both fire protection and emergency medical services. Gwinnett County continues to attract about 18,000 new residents each year. Of the 16 cities in Gwinnett, only one has chosen to operate its own fire department. With 950 personnel, Gwinnett County operates 31 fire stations and 31 advanced life-support medical units strategically located throughout 437 square miles. As of last June, Gwinnett is one of only 26 fire departments in the U.S. that operates its own accredited paramedic education program.

Ms. Heather Sawyer
Deputy Communications Director