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COVID-19 Operation Dashboard and Hub Pages

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2021

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Research, Assessment, and Planning (RAP) unit has made it a priority to leverage data and technology to enhance decision-making across the Department of Public Health (DPH). The iterative process used in the development of the COVID-19 Dashboard and HUB pages resulted in the availability of important metrics including confirmed cases, contact tracing, deaths, hospitalizations, school nursing facilities, school districts, testing, and vaccinations. Relevant data is now condensed and made readily available within a dashboard that is easy to navigate, and adaptable to the changing needs of the organization. Decision-makers at the county level and in stakeholder organizations now have access to up-to-date COVID-19 surveillance information with their browser and mobile devices.

Julie Maher
Secretary I