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Harbormaster Tower Mural

Broward County, FL
Program Year: 2021

Public art is important to Port Everglades because it’s a window into the soul of the people of Broward County and our community at large. The vividly colored mural painted nine stories high on the Port’s iconic Harbormaster Tower by Ernesto Maranje was selected not only because of his esteemed reputation in the public art space, but also because the birds that Maranje chose to display, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird and the American White Ibis, are native birds to Broward County and convey an environmentally impactful message. The mural not only represents our connection between art and the community, but it also demonstrates Port Everglades’ dedication to environmental stewardship. This mural is highly visible to visitors, workers, the thousands of boaters that pass by every day, as well those the residents who live within view of Port Everglades. This is truly a sense of community pride. The theme of the mural is: “The freedom to arrive, navigate and escape to any desired destination. Creating a place of paradise for migrating visitors and locals.”

Ms. Ellen Kennedy
Acting Director of Business Development