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Blight Reduction Program

Baldwin County, GA
Program Year: 2020

Baldwin County in Milledgeville, Georgia activated the Blight Reduction Program beginning in January 2018 to reduce the number of blighted properties throughout Baldwin County. The county had on record over 300 properties that were dilapidated, abandoned, and unsafe for living, but had not made progress in implementing a program to create real change. These blighted properties were lowering property values and contributing to an increase of crime within the county. County officials worked with a taskforce including the County Attorney and the Code Enforcement Officer to develop effective procedures to launch the Blight Reduction Program and inform community members that their properties were condemned. Within 30 days, the county followed up with these property owners to ensure they were making progress and assisted them if necessary with finding private companies who could demolish the properties at affordable rates. As a result of this program and a commitment by the county to affect real change, 101 properties (both residential and commercial) across the county have been demolished or renovated since January 2018. Since this project began, the county has eliminated blight by 33%, with a goal to continue to rehabilitate more communities in the future.

Mr. Carlos Tobar
County Manager