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Internship and Volunteer Program

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2021

The Department of Public Health (DPH) is dedicated to the recruitment of competent and talented interns and volunteers who enjoy serving their community and in return gain valuable work experience. The Internship and Volunteer Program (IVP) has recently been overhauled to automate existing processes, reduce paperwork and people hours, simplify and streamline documentation, and improve the onboarding, exiting and data collection of applicants. These improvements have reduced cost, time, and resources imposed on the department, and connecting applicants to program hiring managers more accurately and efficiently. The Internship and Volunteer Program is comprised of three elements: • Internship and Volunteer website – Webpage providing answers to frequently asked questions, quick access to the online application, and additional internship related resources.• Online Internship and Volunteer Application – Online form with logic designed to ask questions based on options selected by the applicant. Once complete, the information from the form is uploaded to a database. The database is automated to then share the information with DPH hiring managers. • Internal Employee SharePoint Website – File sharing application where documentation is stored, including: onboarding instructions, Volunteer and Internship Handbook, policies, procedures, lists of school agreements, and additional forms.

Julie Maher
Secretary I