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Water Resources Program

Maricopa County, AZ
Program Year: 2021
Best in Category

The purpose of the Flood Control District of Maricopa County’s (District) Water Resources Program is to increase regional collaborations and partnerships with public agencies, while promoting integrated water resources (stormwater) management as a key component in the work of flood risk mitigation. Future water supply-demand imbalances in Arizona, particularly the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, require innovative, institutional level actions and commitments to address. Projects implemented throughout the Southwest have shown the feasibility of flood control districts working with other water-related agencies to plan, design, and implement stormwater management and water conservation measures. Such projects have been able to provide multiple-use benefits, increase infiltration and groundwater recharge, manage land subsidence, lower maintenance costs, and promote ecological system function.Since the Program’s inception, the District has made progress in solidifying its regional role in the integrated management of the region’s water resources extending beyond the singular purpose of flood control. It has been developing a foundation, through an institutional recognition of the value of stormwater, to leverage its facilities and flood-protection responsibilities towards a more integrated approach to water resources management. Successes from the Program include generation of institutional documents, ongoing project collaborations, water conservation implementation, policy changes, partnership growth, and education and outreach.

Kristine Rabe
Assistant To Director'S Office