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CLASS Project - Connecting Libraries and Schools for Success

New Hanover County, NC
Program Year: 2020

In an effort to provide all students in New Hanover County, (NHC) with equitable access to high quality educational resources and to increase collaboration between New Hanover County Public Library (NHCPL) and New Hanover County Schools (NHCS), NHC launched CLASS Project, Connecting Libraries and Schools for Success, in December of 2017. CLASS Project is a program that provides automatic, fine free, library accounts to students and staff in schools across NHC as well as training on the extensive educational databases and services offered by the library. The program was so successful that other schools have been added including 3 charter schools and one private school. Before the program launched, only 9,700 children in NHC had library accounts. With CLASS Project, approximately 30,000 students now have library accounts. As a result of CLASS Project, the library has seen significant increases in the use of several educational databases, an increase in circulation of books for children, and a 320% increase in circulation eBooks for children. An Increase in collaboration is evident by the increase in number of times schools have asked library staff to present at staff development days, staff meetings, and at PTA events.

Ms. Jennifer Rigby