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Broward Ryan White Quarterly Journal ""Positively Speaking""

Broward County, FL
Program Year: 2020

The first issue of the Broward Ryan White Part A Quarterly Journal “Positively Speaking” was launched in September 2018, as a vehicle for HIV advocacy, enlightenment and expression. True to its tagline, “News & views across the HIV community,” the journal, disseminated in both print and digital formats, has blossomed into a spirited platform for HIV advocates and allies, both local and national. In transforming our newsletter into a broader publication with expanded outreach, “Positively Speaking” has become a voice echoing its uplifting name, with content providing affirmation and inspiration for Broward residents living with HIV and the Broward community as a whole. Fostering this inclusive readership sets a precedent in our county communications in addressing HIV stigma by expanding the HIV conversation. And producing a publication that puts an approachable and relevant face on our agency helps to augment our presence and our credibility, fostering greater accessibility for those in need of county HIV services.

Lauren Gold
Publications Specialist