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Department of Transportation New Hire Orientation

Gwinnett County, GA
Program Year: 2020

The Gwinnett County, GA, Transportation department devotes an entire day of New Hire Orientation to introduce new employees to its mission, vision, values, and culture. That day includes activities such as a tour of the airport control tower, the traffic control center, or the traffic operations sign shop. They may also visit on-site projects such as traffic striping or construction projects and perhaps ride a Gwinnett Transit local bus route to get first-person experience in boarding a bus, paying a fare, and making transit connections.In the process, new employees learn about federal, state, and local regulations and policies that affect transportation in Gwinnett County. Ideally, they begin to respect far-flung co-workers they may never encounter on the job. The goal is to instill pride in the department’s services. New employees learn about the roles they will play in the department, the roles the department plays in Gwinnett County government, and the roles the County plays in the lives of residents and visitors.

Ms. Heather Sawyer
Deputy Communications Director