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Baldwin County Animal Adoption and Rescue Program

Baldwin County, GA
Program Year: 2020

Baldwin County, Georgia created the Baldwin County Animal Adoption and Rescue Program in order to elevate awareness of Baldwin County Animal Services to county residents. They desired to create a program that publicized the needs of the county animal shelter and encouraged residents to get involved in animal adoption. Before this program was created, 95% of the animals that came into the care of animal services were euthanized, and there was no adoption/rescue program in place. Residents had little information regarding the animal shelter’s needs. County officials worked with the animal services team to create an awareness program to educate the public and inspire them to get involved. They publicized the shelter and its needs through a variety of methods, such as social media, partnerships with local and regional rescue groups, and local media coverage. As a result of the Baldwin County Animal Adoption and Rescue Program, Baldwin County now has a thriving adoption/rescue program with a strong volunteer program. In 2019, the transfer/adoption/reclaim rate for dogs was 98% and 93% for cats. Due to this increase in community support, the shelter moved to a larger and more updated facility in December 2019 to care for more animals in need.

Mr. Carlos Tobar
County Manager