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911 Dispatch Consolidation: Saving Money, Minutes and Lives

Erie County, PA
Program Year: 2019

Most callers to 911 don’t think about who is taking their call, or where help is coming from. They just know they need help, fast. But for county government, that 911 call is a vital service to constituents – and that call is a priority. That’s why it was also a priority for Erie County, Pennsylvania, to work to create a more efficient and effective 911 dispatching system across the county. That effort came to fruition in 2018 when an independent, five-municipality dispatch center was absorbed into the county’s 911 Dispatch Center, which handles emergency calls for the other 33 municipalities in the county.As a result of this consolidation project, county residents are receiving faster responses to 911 calls, municipalities are saving money, and governments are working together and sharing resources, all the while creating a more advanced 911 system that promotes a more responsible use of taxpayer dollars.

Ms. Kristin Bowers
Public Information Officer