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Certified Mail Process

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2019

Making a positive difference in the lives of children is the purpose of San Bernardino County Department of Child Support Services (SBDCSS). SBDCSS is always looking for an innovative approach to move from case opening to court order in the fastest and most efficient way possible. SBDCSS recognizes that in order for customers to fully understand the forms they receive; they need assistance to explain what may appear to be a complicated legal matter. SBDCSS also realized that the faster support orders are established, the more children will benefit from the services and receive the medical and financial support that they need. SBDCSS has created a process to serve out of state customers with the Summons and Complaint (S&C) by certified mail. By serving the out of state customers in this fashion, SBDCSS is able to initiate positive customer engagement, reduce the time to establish an order and reduce the cost of personal service

Ms. Tina D. Sides
Accounting Supervisor