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Older Adult Community Services Program

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2019

The Older Adult Community Services (OACS) program is designed to facilitate a healthy aging process for older adults by implementing prevention and early intervention techniques that assist in maintaining positive mental health. Services provided focus on assisting older adults (ages 60 and older) before mental health issues develop and/or require a greater level of treatment. Services include: mental health and substance use screenings for isolated older adults, wellness activities that promote good mental and physical health, home and personal safety education, suicide screenings and resources, therapeutic interventions and case management services. The program also addresses specific causes and risk factors that can contribute to suicide and/or suicidal ideations and targets those who are exposed to trauma or are experiencing grief and loss. The program also utilizes Older Adult Peer Counselors, who are trained in suicide prevention and other mental health topics to help older adults receiving services.

Jennifer M Maravillas
Public Information Officer