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GenerationGo! Career Pathways Program

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2019

GenerationGo! Career Pathways Program seeks to build connections between high school seniors, community colleges, and local businesses through work experience opportunities. Through this initiative, the Workforce Development Board is creating a pipeline of relevant talent to meet industry demand and help grow local businesses. Together, the education system, workforce system, and industries are changing the trajectory of San Bernardino County for generations to come. Historically, San Bernardino County participants lack the skills needed for high demand high salary jobs of the future. The internships allows students from disadvantaged backgrounds with some training to distinguish themselves from other job seekers. For the first pilot group, 100% of students graduated from high school. The rest of the school district graduation rate at about 93%. Currently, nearly 86% of the participants are enrolled in post-secondary education. For the 2016-2017 school year, the percent of students going to college was 39%. Fifty percent of the participants are still employed. For the second pilot group, the students that went to alternative high schools, about 21% were chronically absent while the districtwide alternative school setting had a higher rate of 63%. The students in the program had 93% attendance rate. Districtwide alternative school setting has a much lower rate of 74%. Fifty percent of the participants are still attending high school. About 14% are attend community college. Lastly, 50% of the participants are still employed.

Ravi California Brahmbhatt
Staff Analyst II