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Capital Improvement Plan Story Map for Transparency and Community Engagement

Mecklenburg County, NC
Program Year: 2019

Sharing a Capital Improvement Plan with the citizens of your community can be challenging. Mecklenburg County’s FY2019-FY2023 CIP is a $1.57 billion plan. Our citizens want to know “What are my tax dollars being spent on and what projects are close to me?” GIS and Story Maps are an excellent tool for making these CIP projects understandable to your constituents. Having this information in an easy to access format increases governmental transparency and can be a powerful tool for community engagement. The format allows a citizen to browse through the projects and see where they are located and some details about each one. Graphs are included to show how the money are being spent over time and by category. Images are included to show what these projects may look like at completion. Links to more information and how to get involved are included throughout the site to encourage community engagement. By combining maps, charts, graphs, images and links, our citizens can learn about the CIP and how it impacts them. As public servants we can reach, engage and inspire our constituents through the power of Story Telling.

Nancy L Ross
GIS Analyst