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Speed-Hiring Collaborative to Resolve Staffing Shortage

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2019

San Bernardino County Children and Family Services (CFS) collaborated with Human Resources (HR) and Human Services (HS) Personnel Division to establish a Speed-Hiring Collaborative under which a two-day speed-hiring event was held in May 2018. The first in a series, this event was to address the shortage of Masters level social workers (known as social service practitioners in San Bernardino County) due to high turnover rates caused by stiff competition with neighboring counties, which are pulling from the same limited pool of qualified candidates. CFS took a proactive effort to streamline hiring by collaborating with Human Resources (HR) and HS Personnel Division to reduce the hiring timeframe from up to eight weeks down to five days. This streamlined process effectively held the attention of applicants. CFS demonstrated to the applicants that their time was valuable and their interest in working for San Bernardino County CFS was appreciated. CFS hired a total of 118 social service practitioners from this two-day speed-hiring event. With the hiring of these social service practitioners, caseload sizes will be reduced, thereby social service practitioners will be able to engage in casework that is more effective in addressing the immediate needs of the children and families being served.

Ms. Francine Beedie
Secretary I