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Family Reunification Celebration Program

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2019

San Bernardino County established the Families Matter - Family Reunification Celebration Program in 2016 to honor families who overcome exceptional challenges and adversity to reunify with their children who had been removed due to neglect or abuse. Families achieve success through persistent hard work, while utilizing the supportive contributions of parent-partners and their social workers. These families overcome harrowing obstacles such as addiction, poverty, domestic violence, historical trauma, and mental health issues to reunify with their children. Historically, the public reputation of child welfare agencies is wrought with misperceptions including the assumption of adversarial relationships with parents. This program seeks to correct this misconception and highlight the collaboration and support that results in the most positive outcomes. Parents are empowered to share their inspirations, instead of feeling ashamed of the circumstances that led to having their children removed. This, in turn, re-establishes the affinity among Children and Family Services, the families it serves and the community at large. The Families Matter - Family Reunification Celebration Program applauds the success and collaboration between the community and government agencies, while encouraging the ongoing endeavor to maintain safety and well-being of children and families in San Bernardino County.

Ms. Francine Beedie
Secretary I