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Interactive Tax Foreclosure Web Tool

Mecklenburg County, NC
Program Year: 2019

The goal of the Office of the Tax Collector (OTC) was to design and implement an innovative web tool to attract buyers and investors to bid at tax foreclosure auctions. The web tool would enable the user to search through the OTC’s inventory of tax foreclosure properties utilizing user designated search criteria fields. These fields would narrow the user’s search to those properties that met their individual property requirements. Through advertisement of the web tool, the OTC would increase awareness of available properties to real estate investors and other potential buyers. The result of this increase in awareness brought more transparency to the foreclosure program and lowered the chance that a tax foreclosed property would be acquired by the County at auction as more exposure would generate more bidders. The OTC successfully implemented the Tax Foreclosure Web Tool in September 2017. It has proven effective as the County has acquired a minimal number of properties at auction despite a 272% increase in the number of properties that go to sale since the new comprehensive foreclosure strategy, which includes the web tool, was implemented. The target user of the tax foreclosure web tool are the general public and property buyers looking for themselves or to invest in real estate property in Mecklenburg County. Many users are individuals or organizations that purchase properties at auction, often at prices below market value, rehabilitate the property and then live in them, sell them for profit, or retain them for rental purposes. Commercial property, residential property, and vacant land are all included in the tool.

Kate Helmick
Operations Manager