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Plant 4 Change

Mecklenburg County, NC
Program Year: 2019

Plant 4 Change is a program to encourage Mecklenburg County residents to plant for the change they want to see in themselves, their family, community and their county. Teaching citizens to grow their own food increases their families access to fresh vegetables, which is vital in combating child hood obesity and to the many living in food deserts. Basic gardening skills were taught with an emphasis on growing in small spaces and containers. Green bean seeds were distributed at community events, in recreation programs and at a Farmer’s market. Through these events over eight hundred and forty-five green bean seeds were distributed to twenty-one zip codes in Mecklenburg County. There are food deserts located in sixteen zip codes in Mecklenburg County and this program was able to distribute seeds to fourteen of those zip codes. This program included participants of all ages and was able to reach many who currently do not garden or produce their own food. The program also promotes the importance of pollinators to food production. Participants were given information on how to create wildlife habitats in their own yards by using native plants in their landscaping.

Ms. Stephanie Frisbee
Facility Manager