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Scoop The Poop

Mecklenburg County, NC
Program Year: 2019

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) is dedicated to making Mecklenburg County’s environment safe and healthy by improving surface water quality. This requires that sources of elevated bacteria levels be eliminated, which is the primary cause of our degraded water quality conditions. Due to the magnitude of the problem, it is also essential that volunteer resources be effectively engaged in this effort. In 2018, significant progress was made on both these fronts through the development of the “Scoop the Poop Campaign” and “Second Saturday” volunteer events. The “Scoop the Poop Campaign” was implemented in April 2018 for the purpose of increasing the removal and proper disposal of pet waste by citizens focusing on public areas such as parks and greenways. The campaign was launched by CMSWS in response to investigations and monitoring data revealing pet waste entering surface waters as a primary cause of elevated bacteria levels. The “Second Saturday” volunteer events were implemented throughout 2018 for the purpose of simplifying CMSWS’s long-standing volunteer programs with the goal of increasing participation by being more accomodating of busy life styles. The Second Saturday Campaign was designed so that volunteers could literally “drop in” on an event as time allowed without preregistering.

Mr. John M Wendel
Sr. communication Specialist