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Erie County, PA
Program Year: 2019

ERIE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA VETERANS’ INITIATIVESABSTRACT OF THE PROGRAMTwo years ago the manner in which Veterans and their families in Erie County, PA could access assistance changed. Beforehand, non-profit organizations and private citizens assisted needy Veterans and their families in a rather unorganized manner. Help came only when resources and Veterans were connected; largely by word of mouth. Only the local Erie VA Medical Center(VAMC) was connecting Veterans with available resources; mostly medical benefits at that time.Worth noting is that not every Veteran qualifies for VA provided services and benefits. Erie County is home to a moderate population of Veterans in need of assistance who, according to Federal and State regulations do not all qualify. Shortly after hiring Erie County’s Veteran’s Affairs Director he learned of a Veteran’s Support Initiative created by a very civic minded Veteran. This first Veteran’s Support Initiative paved the way for others which eventually created a powerful network that connects resources to those Veterans in need. Together, the three initiatives serve in different ways to support Veterans while not altering the manner in which existing Veteran centric organizations have done so for many years. This document details how each of these initiatives have and continue to support the Veterans residing in Erie County Pennsylvania.

Mr. Thaddeus Fred Plasczynski
Director, Veterans Affairs