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Footsteps 2 Brilliance

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2018

San Bernardino County Preschool Services Department (PSD), San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS), First 5 San Bernardino and Children’s Fund collaborated to bring free access to Footsteps2Brilliance (F2B), an early learning mobile technology platform, for all families with children birth to age 5 residing in San Bernardino County to. The program, which can be used as a website or a mobile device application, allows parents and their children to use literacy-based activities to improve both theirs and their child’s language and literacy skills. It is effective in helping students develop a strong foundation that enables them to meet early developmental milestones. F2B provides a comprehensive curriculum of more than 1,000 English and Spanish books, songs and games that are fun for the whole family. During the initial implementation of Footsteps2Brilliance, PSD and SBCSS set a three million-word challenge that began with an April 19, 2017 launch, and ended September 1, 2017. Based on the data produced by the application, San Bernardino County children and their families exceeded the three million-word challenge by more than 10 million words. A grand total of 13,500,818 words were read by the end of the challenge. Additional qualitative data showed that 49,163 books were read, and that families spent 5,339 hours using the application.

Ms. Erica Watkins
Supervising Program Specialist