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Summer Jobs and More Program

Erie County, PA
Program Year: 2018

When the community clamored for resources to be dedicated to helping young people find their paths in life, the leaders of Erie County, Pennsylvania, listened. They created the Summer Jobs and More program – commonly known as Summer J.A.M. – in order to provide real-life employment opportunities for at-risk young people during the summer months. For the participants, however, the program was so much more than just a chance to collect a paycheck: Young participants also were instructed with “soft skills” training and were mentored in their workplaces. They left with an understanding of different industries, with connections to the business community, and with a newfound knowledge of the abilities they need to succeed in the workplace – as well as a little extra money in their pockets. While Erie County spearheads this program, it is made possible through a vibrant collaboration with other community organizations and private businesses. Now, four years in, Summer J.A.M. has influenced more than 600 young people, helping to set them on a path to a brighter future.

Ms. Kristin Bowers
Public Information Officer