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Inside E.C.: A Closer Look Inside Your County Government

Erie County, PA
Program Year: 2018

What does your county government do for you? Erie County, Pennsylvania, aimed to answer that question – and explain the often-misunderstood county government, along with its structure, programs and services – through a monthlong initiative timed to National County Government Month 2017. Each day in April, Erie County took the public inside Erie County – or “Inside E.C.,” as the project was named – and highlighted the offices and services of county government, sharing a photo and short write-up on a blog and on social media. With each day, the public was informed about a different function or department. The project not only educated the public about their county government, it served several other purposes: As shareable and engaging content, it helped to increase the following of Erie County’s fledgling social media accounts. In addition, the project brought together previously siloed county departments, uniting employees in a shared experience as public servants of Erie County.

Ms. Kristin Bowers
Public Information Officer