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E-Content Library Card: A Digital Library Card

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2018

The County Library services its community through 32 physical library locations in both urban and rural contexts. Yet, even with the high number of library locations within San Bernardino County there are still thousands of individuals within the county’s 20,000+ square miles that are, for a variety of reasons, unable to make their way into a physical library location to apply/register for a library card. It was for this reason that the E-Content (digital) library card was developed. This digital library card meets the needs of those individuals physically unable to go into a library location due to time, distance, or financial constraints and allows them to acquire a free E-Content digital library card online and gain immediate access to all of the electronic resources available to library customers. The E-Content Library Card program has allowed the library to reach new heights in the circulation of electronic materials including e-books, e-audio books, e-magazines, digital music, and other electronic resources such as job and research databases. In addition, the E-Content Library Card program has opened opportunities for partnerships with school districts in the County while spurring digital library card drives for all students in those districts. In addition it has created opportunities to meet with teachers and educators regarding this new library card option.

Mr. Michael Jimenez
County Librarian