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Public Guardian Reading Room

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2018

Prior to the launch of the Public Guardian Reading Room, logistical issues impeded the timely publication of PG policy and procedures, as the process involved multiple reviews by different PG staff members and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) reviewing material in stages (e.g. one group at a time, one process at a time) and multiple in-person meetings requiring staff to travel from different parts of the County to the meeting location. Additionally, PG relied largely on communication via e-mail and staff meetings to convey any changes in policy and procedure before material was incorporated into existing handbooks, becoming obsolete once policy and procedures were formally published. The PG is appointed by the Superior Court of California to be the conservator for some of the most vulnerable people in our County: the elderly and the mentally ill who are unable to provide for basic personal needs including physical health, food, clothing or shelter or may be at risk of undue personal or financial influence. Matters for Conservatees of the PG are often Court-related requiring the presence of Deputy Public Guardians, Supervisors and County Counsel to protect the best interest of the Conservatees. Although policy development and review meetings were scheduled individually with key staff, last minute scheduling conflicts were typical as the needs of the Conservatees are fluid and Court hearings may be longer than anticipated. Discussion regarding Court policies between members of the review panel did not always happen in real-time; therefore, resolutions were not made as promptly as desired. The material for PG policies and procedures is time-sensitive and the policy development and review process demanded an innovative new vision bringing PG to act as a change agent by transforming this process.

Akin Ogunrinde
Program Manager