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APS Prepaid Card Program

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2018

The San Bernardino County Department of Adult and Aging Services (DAAS) implemented the use of Prepaid Card in 2017 as part of its Adult Protective Services (APS) to strengthen the capacity of the program in ensuring that all elders and dependent adults live their lives free from the threat or reality of abuse. The use of Tangible funds, which are monetary resources to meet physical and other needs, has been one method of intervention used to mitigate immediate, emergent situations. Before 2017, the only method of utilizing Tangible funds was through a voucher system. Since 2017, the implementation of Prepaid Cards has been helping APS staff to meet the emergent needs of at-risk clients at a faster pace while immediately compensating vendors. The institution of Prepaid Cards is being hailed for its cost-saving attributes at a time when San Bernardino County has experienced an increase in APS referrals without having the revenue to increase the number of staff needed to meet the influx of those referrals. APS Social Workers are recognizing APS Prepaid Cards as a time-saving tool that has also widened the scope of goods/services available to APS clients in order to meet their general nutritional, health and safety needs.

Akin Ogunrinde
Program Manager