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Self-Service Vehicle Registration Renewal Kiosk Program - Innovative Customer Service Delivery

Johnson County, KS
Program Year: 2018

It is the mission of the Johnson County, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to encourage an entrepreneurial approach to improving service delivery by increasing collaboration and improving government operations. Often when searching for solutions we are met with obstacles and solutions that are identified as cost prohibitive. The self-service registration renewal program utilizes a kiosk that accepts cash, check and cards and produces a receipt in lieu of a registration decal for the fraction of the cost of other solutions. This program enhances our overall customer service, increases our organizational effectiveness and is a driver for educating our customers about self-service renewal options. We believe that by continuing to familiarize and train our customers on self-service options we will ultimately increase the adoption and acceptance of mobile and web-based solutions for processing vehicle registration renewals as customers learn they do not have to come into an office to renew. Early successes of the program include positive customer feedback, continued change of DMV perception, high adoption rates, reallocation of resources as well as time and cost savings. The program has the ability to be customized and scaled to fit any agency’s needs.

Ms. Amy Meeker-Berg
Chief Deputy Treasurer