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Temporary Employee Portal

San Bernardino County, CA
Program Year: 2018

San Bernardino County recruits temporary employees through contracted staffing agencies. Initially, County staff manually tracked positions, hours, and pay rates for temporary employees, resulting in inconsistent, inefficient, and sometimes, less than timely reporting. In 2017, the Purchasing Department and Information Services Department collaborated to create the Temporary Employee Portal (Portal), with the goal of accurately tracking, managing, and reporting countywide temporary employee usage from start to finish. The Portal includes three components: (1) An external (public-facing) interface permits contracted staffing agencies to record temporary employees’ paid work hours. (2) An internal portal enables department users, Human Resources Officers, and Purchasing Buyers to administer or view pay and bill rates for contracted positions, request temporary employees, and manage assignments. (3) The data repository makes reports available on demand. The Portal accommodates department users, contract administrators, suppliers, human resource officers, and management. Implementation of the Portal has reduced time and labor costs to request, review, hire, track, and report temporary assignments, and the Portal has increased the consistency and detail in reporting the use of temporary employees. The benefits associated with increased visibility and more effective administration of temporary employees have improved internal controls associated with this sometimes problematic staffing means.

Ms. Monique E. Hernandez
Staff Analyst II