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Pumped for Work

Erie County, PA
Program Year: 2016

ABSTRACT: In order to increase access to breastfeeding-friendly environments that are in compliance with the federal “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” law, Pumped for Work was created to ensure workplace compliance with the provisions of this legislation. Mini-grants were awarded to local businesses, organizations and non-profits that agreed to have their current lactation policies evaluated for compliance with federal law. Free technical assistance helped with the adoption of new or strengthened written policies, as well as determining successful strategies for supporting nursing mothers returning to work. Mini-grants helped furnish and equip a designated lactation space at each organization, for use by employees and/or the public. Mini-grants also provided for education sessions with a certified lactation counselor for both staff and administration/management. These sessions highlighted: current legislation, benefits of breastfeeding for baby, mother, worksite and community, basic needs of breastfeeding employees, open communication strategies, available resources in the community and much more. The majority of awarded applicants did not have a lactation policy or an established lactation space prior to submitting their application. Pumped for Work, through mini-grant awards, education and community resources, was able to enhance the support of working mothers in a variety of aspects.

Ms. Melissa C. Lyon, MPH
Health Department Director