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The Innovation Engine - Driving Creativity in the Public Sector

Orange County, CA
Program Year: 2018

The Innovation Engine, an initiative that focuses on County of Orange constituent and organizational issues and how to solve them, is designed to drive creativity, foster collaboration among OC Information Technology (OCIT) staff, and facilitate a focus on our core mission: Providing innovative and reliable technology solutions to our customers. Our organization challenged staff to develop innovative solutions in order to transform government. Self-formed teams generated ideas and utilized allocated time to solve unique problems experienced both internally and externally within the County. These groups worked collaboratively in a cross-functional manner to ensure their thought process was outside of general public sector perimeters. In an environment that is generally classified as stagnant, the Innovation Engine teams managed to exceed expectations at an enterprise level, potentially benefitting departments throughout the County. The work we have done has the ability to enhance operations and improve service delivery to employees and constituents.

Ms. Stephanie Boffa
Stakeholder Communications Manager