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Report It, Reform It

Nassau County, NY
Program Year: 2018

Nassau County government is stuck in a culture of corruption which has contributed to a financial crisis. County government had worked in the shadows and looked to find ways to give benefits to a connected few, rather than working for residents. As Comptroller, I am looking to find ways to restore the public’s faith and trust in their local government. On my first day in Office, I established the “Report it, Reform it” tip line. Any resident or county employee can send an email directly to my office at This was implemented at no extra cost to taxpayers, and these emails are sent directly to my team for immediate review. In less than 100 days, we’ve received dozens of emails providing tips for investigations and audits, as well as constructive feedback to improve the services the Comptroller—and County—provides. This tip line is a big step towards creating a culture of proactive government that opens up and responds to residents.

Mr. Brett H Spielberg
Deputy Director, Public Information and Content Development