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Leadership Development Initiative

Orange County, CA
Program Year: 2018

Orange County Department of Child Support Services (CSS) embraces the premise that leadership development is crucial to any organization’s sustainability and success, and as a result created the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI), a multilayered program to encourage and support leaders. This initiative improves the administration of the child support program by upgrading the level of leadership training for employees in order to prepare for the future. A proactive approach is taken to support leaders within the organization in achieving their development goals. This initiative also supports a CSS organizational performance goal of ensuring CSS Leaders accomplish 32 hours of Leadership Training annually. This goal demonstrates our support of staff’s professional achievements. The LDI program is comprised of three main sections: Succession Planning, Quarterly Leadership Forums, and Annual Offsite Meetings. Each piece complements the others to form a solid foundation of support and competency. Our leaders participate in skill building, facilitated peer discussion forums and are active participants in selecting topics to support their own professional development and growth. Maximizing leadership development opportunities has raised engagement and accelerated the professional growth of CSS leaders.

Mr. Steven Eldred
Director, County Child Support Services