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Watershed Protection Program, Mobile Stormwater Inspection Application

San Diego County, CA
Program Year: 2017

The County of San Diego Department of Public Works streamlined a time consuming municipal stormwater compliance inspection process through the development and deployment of a customized mobile phone application. This innovative tool allows inspectors to access critical data in real-time from their mobile phones. Inspection reports can be completed and delivered to facility operators while still in the field. As a result, the amount of time required to complete paperwork in the office is minimized, the time devoted to conducting inspections in the field is maximized, and customers receive inspection reports in a much timelier manner which allows them to make needed corrections to better protect the waterways. The application also helps the department better manage increased Municipal Stormwater Permit requirements imposed by the State of California. These improvements allow compliance obligations to be met with fewer staff resources. In addition, County oversight of businesses and neighborhoods within its jurisdiction has been enhanced, helping to ensure that waterways are protected from pollution. Project initiation to deployment took only six months whileannual costs to maintain the app are very low at $12,000, and are estimated to save several hundred hours in staff time. Still only in Phase 1, the app has proven to be a significant tool in improving the efficiency of the County’s stormwater inspection program.

Ms. Lindsay Palmer
CAO Staff Officer