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Multi-Year Road Resurfacing Program

San Diego County, CA
Program Year: 2017

The County of San Diego (County) maintains a vast road network that includes approximately 4,000 lane miles spread over a large geographical area. Challenges over the years have included how to: prioritize road resurfacing projects; manage internal and external customer expectations; and meet community needs and operational requirements, often with limited resources. The County implemented a well-defined multi-year program, which included extensive community outreach and education to engage the public in the program formation. Staff solicited input from all 26 Community Planning and Sponsor Groups and met with internal and external stakeholders to identify road resurfacing needs and priorities and align them with operational requirements and available funding. The multi-year program was initially developed for three years and additional years will be added as projects are completed and funding levels are determined for future years. The new program was placed on the intranet and the County’s public webpage with an interactive GIS layer for use by internal and external customers, including utility companies and local cities and agencies. Overall, this program demonstrates quality public service, enhanced community input, and operational excellence, and also directed more attention to the need of securing additional funding sources for road resurfacing in the near future.

Ms. Lindsay Palmer
CAO Staff Officer